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As I am new to the world of sharing thoughts,experiences,suggestion and entering in the world of varied ideologies, I want to share my thoughts on what education must do.

In our society, we have different people like we say in our family only we have people with different experiences in their school lives.They say “we used to go through miles to attend the school, some say we used to go at 9.00 am and came back to home at 11.00 am”. We are fond of sharing our childhood experiences with our children. We though share our experiences but parents as a teacher I think still we have failed to make our children understand what struggle means. I am not pointing out every parent but this is an hour where it is a need to make our children strong enough to bear the difficuilties.

My point is we have given our children each and every facility that they want. We think that they must not suffer the struggle which we have suffered during our times. But parents this is one of the  biggest mistake today’s world is doing. We are giving comforts but they dont realize how you have earned those comforts through your labour. This is mostly because we dont discuss our matters. We need to take interest in their studies. If we can spend 3 to 4 hours for t.v.serials, we can atleast spend 1 just 1 hour for their future. Parents, ask your child what was done in class, with whom he did his lunch, which chapter which paragraph and also which new words did he identified througj his lesson. Parents, mould each and every part of your child’s personality.Whether it is classwork, project work, his co-curricullar activities, his favourite sport etc.

Teach him,How to say sorry!how to respect elders, and how to talk with stranger that come to your house ,make your child a part of your own personality, teach those ettiquttes which he have to follow wherever he goes.

Take him to his favourite places,make him travel different places, make him realize the value of money, visit atleast one time at an orphange or old age home.Today,  in the world of technology; it is your own responsiblity to educate your child, the school will only teach them to read,write and dance. Parents, on mobile phones you can teach them games, but out of that phone you can teach them how to not live without you.

Before, they say that “they dont care”;Sow the seeds of discipline,etiquttes,pity,love,honesty and wisdom in them.I promise they will never leave you. Establishing big companies is not education but creating a loving bonded family is.